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Cannaleif Production is setting the Standard for production quality and reliability. At Cannaleif, we are committed to quality assurance and ensuring it is at the heart of every crop that we develop and every order we ship. We Produce the highest standard of medical cannabis for our patients and keep a commitment of quality, safety, and reliability for their best interest.

Cannaleif was founded in 2014 and Employs over 500 individuals across North America. Cannaleif is a family run institution we believe a promise of safety to our workers is as important to the commitment we keep for our patients. Cannaleif is dedicated to leading the industry in a quality product and providing sought after relief to our valued patients. Every product is reaffirmation of our burning desire to provide patients with the relief the deserve. At Cannaleif, we begin every morning with this conviction in mind and strive to out due ourselves every day.

Dec 4th, 2018
Burnaby, British Columbia

Cannaleif Production Job Openings


Burnaby, British Columbia

Junior Quality Control Assistant

Burnaby, British Columbia Security Clearance Required

Cultivation Technician

Burnaby, British Columbia