Are Cannabis Oils Safe for Pets?

Are Cannabis Oils Safe for Pets?

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The medical uses of marijuana, specifically cannabis oil, are becoming a preferred treatment for those suffering acute joint pains and arthritis. Given the growing visibility, and emergence of new research, regarding cannabis oil in the medical community, benefits should not be limited to only humans. Using cannabis oil as a more naturalistic alternative to treating our pet's medical needs should be seen as an alternative over traditional medicine and expensive vet costs.

Medical cannabis can help treat seizure, anxiety, or cancer symptoms in our pets. Note, this not to advocate blowing smoke in our pet's face, which is considered animal abuse. Rather, it calls for the responsible application of cannabis oil as a treatment to alleviate chronic pain and serve as a possible replacement to potentially harmful pharmaceuticals.

Cannabis oil is extracted from the marijuana plant using methods such as C02 extraction. The flower contains trichomes, a container of essential oils necessary for the effectiveness of the Cannabis oil.

How do we identify the medical benefits of cannabis oil in animals.

Primarily, we can look at cannabis oil to treat against symptoms like: seizures, arthritis, back pain, stress, and gastrointestinal issues. As these issues affect the quality of life for your pet, it is important that treatment be natural and accessible. We often find our selves in a financial trap that poises us between affording our animals healthcare and maintaining a stable financial situation.

cannabinoids in marijuana target the endocannabinoid system. We can see these are various receptors lined along the body. When cannabis oil interacts with these various receptors, it works to moderate sensations like nausea and pain.

according to experts, with proper dosage, cannabis oil is far less likely to have life threatening side effects to animals than traditional over-the-counter pain medication. It is understood that processing pharmaceutical pain medication is harder on the kidneys and liver. Furthermore, if done properly cannabis oil will not leave the animal wired or sedated.

Can You Harm Your Animal Using Cannabis Oil?

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It is important to understand that over medicating an animal can have a negative impact on their well being. The use of cannabis oil, like any other medication, should be monitored and used in moderation. In the case you suspect an animal has been over exposed to the medication, consultation from  vetrinary should be sought after immediately. Possible side effects can include a loss of appetite and motor functions. Possible symptoms of over exposure can last anywhere from a few hours to a few days. However, life-threatening risks to animals have been documented as extremely rare. In fact, greater risks are posed to your animal from them getting into toxic foods, like chocolate or coffee, than from using cannabis oil as a medicinal treatment.

That being said, it is important not to romanticize the idea that cannabis oil is a all-in-one solution to any ailment your animal may face. As we begin to educate ourselves in many of the versatile ways cannabis, and cannabis oil, can be used, one should always consult a professional opinion before starting their animal on any new treatment.

How do I administer cannabis oil to my pet?

Typically cannabis is administered orally to larger animals like cats or dogs. However, it is not rare for it to be administered topically. Cannabis oil can also be used along side, or as a supplement to preexisting  medical treatments. There can yield a positive interaction when using cannabis oil with traditional medicine.

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Again, dosage matters, as is with any other kind of medication. Everything has to do with how you moderate administering the medication. When you are properly dose an animal, you are going to effectively treat your animal without subjecting them to any of the psychoactive effects.

Unfortunately, the research done to determine a textbook dosage for your animal is still insufficient. Moreover, FDA studies have concluded many of the available CBD products lack the appropriate amount of CBD for the product to work effectively on the animal. To reiterate, consultation with a veterinarian should be first priority. Find a vet with the suitable amount of experience, in treating animals with CBD oil, to consult with and direct you to reputable products.

Where Can We Get Cannabis Oil?

This depends on where you live and what the laws surrounding CBD oil entail. CBD oil, or any cannabis product, for that matter, are viewed differently depending on the governing body in your state. For example, in California, one can legally purchase marijuana products, provided they are in possession of medical cannabis card administered in their name. However, there is no legal precedent that outlines provisions where a veterinarian can issue your pet a medical cannabis card. As such, the ability to find CBD products in your area depends on the governments willingness to make them available.

However, Pet parents, legally eligible to purchase cannabis product, should consult their animal's needs with their veterinarian and find a local dispensary where they can purchase CBD products that best suit these needs.

If you are in an area where any form of cannabis product is prohibited, you can also look into hemp products as an appropriate alternative