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23 Week Grow
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This is my first ever grow. I am married to a lovely woman who's condition might see some improvement during daytime if she can smoke some sativa, problem is where I live it's very difficult to find clean product, and most of the times what we get is indica, which worsens her attention deficit and makes her struggle. I have tried to find and read throughout the internet on forums and other places on tips and tricks about this strain, and all I've seen is people going into depth explaining how difficult it is to grow. I gathered some information from random sources about organic soil and food etc, but I'm not sure whether to treat it like any other plant, (meaning use a generic schedule for lights, feed, ec, ph etc) or if I need something specific for this strain. I bought these seeds 2 years ago, and I have planted 1 of them, hoping by the end of lockdown I'm gonna have at least 1 jar hopefully with some sativa buds and maybe some oils and butters for baking from stems and leaves. I believe this will help my lovely lady feel better and be more motivated and doing the things she likes. (I dont know if I have to but I will put this disclaimer here, I am not a seller, dealer, or associated in redistribution of any sort of plant or any other type of matter, everything about this project is purely in its entirety for medical purposes)


Grow Tent

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4' x 4' x 6'  (16 SqFt)

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