New flower room
Grown by badlandsgrower
13 Week Grow
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This is my second grow, first was in a 5x5 tent with 2 630 watt cmh's, I got 2.5 pounds. So i ditched the 5x5 and got a 4x8 for vegging and using a whole 10x10 room to flower, using my 2 630 cmh's ( dual 315's, each fixture has a 3k and a 4k bulb in for maximum spectrum) and 2 600 watt gavita darkstars ( with hortilux super hps bulbs) . I use a local brand of base nutrients called wild thing ( 3 part system with a resin enhancer for flowering)



Grow Space:

10' x 10' x 0'  (100 SqFt)

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