Skunky Monkey Halloween 2020
Grown by scottsaustin
14 Week Grow
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2 Skunky Monkey seeds I received as freebies from Seedsman 4 years ago, stored in fridge since receipt sprouted without issue-albeit a couple days slower than some fresh photoperiod seeds-Killer Kush. Will be growing in a 3x3 tent with 380 watts total between a Electric Sky 180 & a California Lightworks Solarxtreme 250-hoping to replace with another ES180 between now and finish. Have a goal of yielding 12 ounces of potent bud.


Grow Tent

Grow Space:

3' x 3' x 3'  (9 SqFt)

Nutrients Used:

  • Happy Frog All-Purpose by Fox Farm

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    Week 2 (Vegetative)