Super Critical
Grown by afghan-o-g-kush
16 Week Grow
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This is my very first grow ops I picked super critical feminised seeds because of the 3 major strains that make it up. I've got a 630 watt CMH grow light SE in super soil and all organic boosters. I'm in week 5. My goals are too become a Master Grower since I 1st started reading and researching 2 and half years ago the mobile game Hempire got my wanting to grow, I feel confident in my skills and I've left room for mistakes because I like learning. I'm willing to answer any questions you may have.


Grow Tent

Grow Space:

5' x 5' x 8'  (25 SqFt)

Nutrients Used:

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Week 1 (Vegetative)

Week 13 (Flower)