mosean miracola

mosean miracola

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greetings i am a third generation marijauna cultivator,Irie Bush Doctor, I am the correct choice when choosing someone with whom to embark upon the journey and task ov the healing ov the nation and reintroduction ov canabis medically,industrially,environmentally,and economically back into the world ov today as I Live to grow marijauna and grow marijauna to live,fullfilling the precept ov living the life you love and love the life you live,and as science progresses we are discovering more and more ways to utilize canabis,and coming from a family whom has had a symbiotic relationship with maryjane growing marijauna is not just a profession but is in actuality a way ov life that benefits and sustains those involved,health wise,economically,and environmentally,and to truly be succesful the law ov equvilent exchange must be observed and as I am willing to devote all ov my being to this endeavor,I am the best choice for this Job,for as we all know we reap what we so.

mosean miracola's Skills and Abilities

  • i also have 30 yrs experience in the distribution aspects ov the industry,
  • i apply a cureing method which brings out the best in the ganja.
  • i also am a great trimmer
  • i am a great team leader and work extremely with others bring out the best in everyone around I.
  • i speak spanish/bilingual

Jul 23rd, 2020
canyondam, California
Preferred Salary:
$70,000.00 - $100,000.00

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