Shaun R Treltas

Shaun R Treltas
Medical Cannabis professional

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I am an medical cannabis patient in the state if Florida. I use the products and know quite a bit about strains, terpene profiles, and effects given from the different phenotypes. I would like to gain more knowledge, most importantly educate as many as possible and help an company provide the best Cannabis products to the patients/community.

Shaun R Treltas's Skills and Abilities

  • 2+ medical cannabis industry experience.
  • Valid Driver License, Florida.
  • Can Pass level 2 background check.
  • Project lead, team lead, Project coordinator. Supervisory skills. Excellent Leadership skills, Can work in team environment and solo if need be. High attention to detail.
  • Certified Low Voltage Technician State of Florida..

Jul 28th, 2021
Crawfordville, Florida
Preferred Salary:
$90,000.00 - $79,000.00

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