Mark Bauer

Mark Bauer

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I'm right for the job because my greatest passion in life is Cannabis, more specifically the science and botany behind cannabis cultivation and the genetics behind breeding of strains. I'm right for this job because I know that, as much as I already know, there's always more to be learned and I live to learn and be of help to other people. It would be incredible to be able to continue learning under the guidance of an expert (or expert team) - I work well with others, honesty and respect are incredibly important values to me, and I'm a reliable, diligent, hard-working, and incredibly honest and loyal individual by nature. I genuinely want to learn to be able to better assist the cannabis community with providing the therapeutic relief that is yielded from the highest quality cannabis / cannabis products.

Second, I'm right for the job because, I don't technically work in the cannabis industry yet, it would be easier for you, my employer, to teach me the techniques and processes associated with cultivation, breeding, or the manufacture of concentrate products. As opposed to someone coming from another company who might already be set in their 'ways' so to speak saving you both time and energy in that regard. And given the chance to work for a great company, which is all I need, I guarantee it will the best decision you've ever made as an employer! My hours are open, my schedule flexible, I have a car, a clean driver's license, and I'm ready and eager to do whatever may be asked of me. While I'd ideally like to cultivate, I'd be willing to do anything to get my 'foot in the door' so to speak. I'd be here to make your life easier and make your company, not just succeed, but prosper and thrive in this booming industry!

And finally, I'm right for the job because I'm a genuinely good person. In addition to a clean license, I also have a completely clean record as well. I'm an intelligent, hard-working young man looking to find his place in the world - to make his little mark on the earth and leave it just a little bit better than I found it. I have a bachelor's degree in American History and Sociology from Rutgers University. I've obtained my 'Budtenders Certification' from Raritan Valley Community College Here - an 8-week course on NJ Cannabis dispensaries and the cannabis industry. Furthermore, I've taken numerous courses with both the Trichrome Institute and Oaksterdam University - taking most every class they offer and obtaining certifications from them. Finally, this knowledge is supplemented in my free time reading books from industry experts such as Jorge Cervantes, Ed Rosenthal, Steve DeAngelo, Greg Green, Danny Danko, and many others. My passion is sincere. I just want to help others. Will you help me help you help me?
Thank you, in summation, for your time, consideration, and review of my application. I sincerely hope you'll consider me for this position, and I give you my word that if you take a chance on me, it will be the hands down the best hiring decision you've ever made. I genuinely look forward to hearing from you!

Most Sincerely and Respectfully,

Mark Bauer
(908) 442-4614

* Willing to Re-Locate for Full Time Employment
* Open to Apprenticeships
* Salary Negotiable

Mark Bauer's Skills and Abilities

Sep 7th, 2022
Hillsborough, New Jersey
Preferred Salary:
$48,000.00 - $62,500.00

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