This list of resumes is intended to help marijuana businesses that are looking to expand or hire employees. While you can create your own job listing to draw applicants, you can also reach out to qualified candidates by reviewing their resumes found below. You can view a brief snapshot of the potential employee, including their area of expertise or preferred field of work. If you have worked with marijuana, or are interested - you can add your resume for free!

To begin browsing potential candidates to hire for your marijuana business, take a look at the most recently updated resumes found below. Click into profile to learn more about their experience and skills, as well as their preferred salary or payment (if disclosed). If you find someone you would like to work with or hire, you can inquire into their availability free and instantly on their resume page.

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Recent Marijuana Worker Resumes

Arthur Peterson Growing Marijuana
Jason Amezquita Growing Marijuana
Ray Growing Marijuana
Korbyn Reams Other
Tebogo Moche Other
Brandon Nelson Growing Marijuana
Christopher Thomson Growing Marijuana
Jason Scott Other
JORGE RUBIO Marijuana Marketing
Sean Heidemann Other
Yvette E. Williams Growing Marijuana