Costly Dispensary Mistakes to Avoid

Costly Dispensary Mistakes to Avoid

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Operating a cannabis dispensary is can be a daunting task. There are so many things to consider it's easy for things to get lost in the cracks. Once you've moved past all the fundamental start-up tasks. The question of running your business seems easy. A lot of industry veterans will tell you this is not the case. So often we are preoccupied by the worst case scenario happening at any moment that we forget about how the little things in our day to day operation can add up. This is why the best way to run a successful business is to stay on top of these little tasks before they can snow ball into something unmanageable. In this article, we are going to talk about some common mistakes when running a dispensary that might end up costing you.

Having Legitimate Security

When dealing with high profile goods we often want to think about how to keep them safe from unwanted visitors. Often, dispensaries are required, by their respective governing authority, to have security guards employed. Regardless of whether you think you are tough enough to handle your own security situations, which you probably are, it's just better practice to have security staff in place for a number of reasons:

1. It takes the liability away from you. Having fully certified security at your front door allows you to cover your own back. In the case there is a situation where an unsavory event happens at your store and insurance is required to step in. At least they will see you took the proper steps in running your business and they won't have a security issue to hold against you.

2. Legitimizes your store. Yes, it is a little intimidating to ordinary people when they are certain the person selling them their weed looks like they can beat them up. In respects to taking the stigma away from buying cannabis. Licensed security adds that air of professionalism which will build confidence in your store and promote repeat business.

3.Gives you a chance to do your job. At the end of the day you are a business owner. So why do someone elses job? Focus on running your business so you are constantly growing it and making it better. Do not preoccupy yourself when security issues when you can hire someone to do that for you.

We understand budgetary restraints sometimes come into play. No one is saying you have to go all out and hire Blackwater to do your security. Just having legitimate security personale is going to save you time, effort and money in the long run.

Paper Documents

Get out of the stone age. Or paper-age in this case. It might not seem like it's an important detail if you are recording your patient or inventory information on paper. However, you are not doing yourself any favors. First, paper gets lost. Actually, if you look towards modern corporate culture. you will see most businesses are ditching the use of physical paper. If your documents get lost or damaged they're no good to you, especially, if they were your only copy. In fact, you might even get reprimanded for using paper. Luckily we live in a wonderful world of information technology. Take advantage of all the online services free or not. Cloud servers, google applications, inventory managing systems are all online ways of storing your data.

As well, note, paper limits your physical space. You are not doing yourself any favors using paper. Is 8 1/2 by 11" really enough room to log your valuable data? Keep your records online so you can log infinitely more detailed data. This will help you for marketing purposes too. Think of how much data you can collect on your inventory, employment, and customers, online versus than on paper. Online data storage is worth so much more value than paper ever was.

Updating your Menu

Like a restaurant your business is providing a consumable good. A good you literally consume into your body. So why should your menu be any less important at a dispensary than it is at any restaurant. An up to date organized menu is the standard you should strive to maintain at all times. This detail often goes over looked. There is nothing worse than going to any store and making out chicken scratch through a worn out menu only to find out the product is unavailable. It's just not a good look. We recommend digital signs. Using digital infrastructure to constantly monitor and update your menu puts you steps ahead of the game. Don't let your store get written off just because your menu is written up.