How to Grow Cannabis Outdoors

How to Grow Cannabis Outdoors

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Growing outdoors does not require as much equipment as indoor growing . Yet, your plants can grow much larger, indoors than out. Wondering how many things you need to get started? Here's a brief list of what you'll need:

Soil - While it is possible that you could grab a shovel and start digging, but we heavily recommend buying a bag of soil with added nutrients. This will ensure that your plant has all of the essential nutrients it needs, within reach of it's root.

nutrient rich soil

Sunlight - One of the most important aspects of growing marijuana outside, the sun will will allow your plants to reach heights indoor seedlings could only dream about. Just be careful of cold snaps!

Water - Finally, you must ensure your marijuana plant is in an area that can provide sufficient water. Regardless of your growing medium (including sand), there are ways to manage water retention.


Pots - Plastic solo cups for germination and 30-65+ gallon pot for the grow.

Fertilizer ;- Fertilizer is great for getting the most out of your plants but is not necessary, it acts as super-food for plants, but can be dangerous in excess. Learning about the importance of fertilizer will help you make the right choice.

Plant Starter Cubes - These are a great way to simplify germination and increase the chances of successful germination occuring. Check out our guide on how to germinate cannabis seeds for more tips!

Getting Started
Things to keep in mind while deciding where to put your plants are sunlight: insects, wild animals and green thumbed neighbourhood kids.

Your plant will need 6 hours of direct sunlight a day, the more it receives the larger it will grow. Animals and insects are a growing plant's natural predator and should be a general concern throughout the process. Be warned, outdoor growing is smelly and may attract unwanted visitors to your property. Hiding your pots amongst your garden or other vegetative growth is recommended. We highly recommend planting your seeds in pots so that you can move.

Outdoor growing requires you to follow your climate trends, whereas indoor growing can be done year round. We recommend planting seeds at the beginning of spring , allowing them to finish growth around the summer solstice. Planting season (keeping in mind the predicted climate trend for your area) is roughly late march/april for north america and september/october for some European countries.

Germinating Outdoor Marijuana Seeds
Peat pellets are a product available at all gardening stores and offer the seedling added nutrients to propertiate growth whereas germinating seeds in wet paper towel is proven to work, but incites a higher margin for error.

Just remember to keep your seeds between 20c -28c (68f - 82f) for the 3-8 day long process.

Watering Outdoor Marijuana
Only water your plant if surrounding soil is dry to the touch, but be sure to check regularly and fill in when mother-nature has dry spells. Young plants will require significantly less water than older plants, be wary of over-watering.

Moving on up in the world
Once your seeds have germinated the real fun begins, you can carefully transport your babies into their new home (for a detailed potting guide click here). Whether you dug into the earth, or used a large pot, you are well on your way!

When your plants begin to bud you may remove any males from your company.

Marijuana seedlings

The Sweet Spot
Make sure your plants will be exposed to 6+ hours of light a day, potted plants get the advantage of being able to move, and follow the sun for maximum growth. Whether you pot or not, nutrient rich soil is very important. Check to see if your gardens soil is dark and rich in color. if it is not you should buy some nutrient rich soil from the store.

After 3-4 months of sun-bathing you may notice the hairs on your buds turning brown. This is a good sign. It's time for harvesting. Cut the stems and either hang or lay out your plants - then call a few friends over.

Trimming is fun for detailed oriented people but others may find it boring. No matter who you are ,it is important to take your time. This is your act of finalizing the grow; you set them up, mother nature took the wheel ,and now you have to parrell-park the bud bus and you're home free! Using small scissors and latex gloves (if available) trim the buds you know and love from the plant.

The Dry
Your harvest should dry (hung or laid down) for 12 hours a day and spend the remaining in a plastic ziplock bag, continue this process for a week and then you may decide if you wish to cure your bud.

Marijuana flower

Curing works, I am a strong advocate for keeping dried buds in mason jars in dark, cool locations, opening and allowing fresh air in only once a week. This process can be extended or shortened if you cannot wait. A full cure does equate to a smoother smoke.

And that's that - I hope your grow was without problems or difficulties and as always, stay botanical!