How to Safely Store Cannabis Seeds

How to Safely Store Cannabis Seeds

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The first step to growing your own cannabis is buying cannabis seeds. If you're uncertain on how to best store them, until the time is right, you are reading the right article! If stored properly cannabis seeds can survive for longer than 5 years.

With such a large life span, you should consider storage how to properly store your cannabis seeds in order to prevent unintentional damage or undue exposure. If you have extra seeds left after a grow and are thinking about saving the rest, there will be a few things to consider.

Similar to seller's remorse, these seeds could some day provide a strain you'll hope to have again sometime in the future, and having extra seeds around means you can easily plant more. Or, you may encounter another person wishing to grow and you could brighten their day with your leftovers.

Either way, safely storing cannabis seeds is not a complicated subject - however it is an important one. There is nothing worse than planting your seeds and waiting several days, only to find out that they have been damaged and are not displaying any signs of growth or activity. This can be really discouraging.  In order to save you from this disappointment, we have established some tips on keeping your marijuana seeds safe.

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There are two different types of seeds and luckily for us, a cannabis seed is a specific type of seed called "orthodox." This means if it does not sprout naturally it will not die. Instead, it enters a state of dormancy preserving itself until you decide the time is right. As a bear gorges before it hibernates, you must prepare your seeds for storage. Moisture will either germinate a seed or drown it, so drying is the first step. You can use rice or simply leave them out if your climate is dry. Either way, the purpose is to remove internal moisture. After a few days of drying it is time to find their new home.

A storage environment should be dry, moderately temperate and consistently dark. Freezing marijuana seeds is common in some circles but actually damages the cells and we do not recommend doing so, especially because it isn't needed! Imagine the damage 5 years of freezer burn could do. Moisture can trick the seeds into thinking it is time to start growing. We do not love storing our seeds in the refrigerator. Every time you open and close the fridge you are letting in a bit of humidity. This could kill your seeds If you decide on storing your seeds in the fridge, which is perfectly viable, try to store them as far back as possible. Light is good for growing plants and so naturally not good for dormant seeds. Try not to store marijuana seeds in the window or anywhere light can penetrate through to them. Your seeds also require oxygen for germination. By storing them in an airtight container, you are reducing the likelihood of this happening prematurely. We like to store our seeds in a dark, dry pantry in an airtight-container, but which type of container? There are so many.

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A couple of things to keep in mind when deciding on which type of container to store your seeds in. Containers made of different materials (a metal lid and a glass bottle) are not perfect. Over time they slowly contract or expand at different rates. This little difference may account for the moisture which tricks and kills your seeds. It's best to stick with something made entirely of glass. Simply put, glass body, glass lid, and a moisture seal is the perfect storage container. The final touch for storage perfection is a drying agent, natural or otherwise. If you want to use silica (the tiny "DO NOT EAT" packets found in shoes or some foods) make sure you find the food grade packets. Rice works as well but be sure to freshen it every 6 months to a year. The last thing to keep in mind is that people are growing cannabis with seeds found in their parent's basement. The cannabis seed is a resilient one, the methods listed above will surely help improve the lifespan of a dormant cannabis seed, but do not be afraid of trying to grow that old seed you found at grandpa's house.

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