How to Clean your Bong

How to Clean your Bong

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Bongs and bubblers are a great way to get a smooth toke from your cannabis. With all the shapes, sizes, designs, and modifications available, this glass tool should be a point of pride. That said, the dirty-bong-on-the-coffee-table stereotype is not doing you any favors. Cleaning your glassware can be a daunting task. Depending on your cleaning habits, removing resin can be anywhere from inconvenient to just impossible.

Luckily, using the right preventative measures, and knowing the right cleaning products, you can keep your smoking pieces looking and functioning at their best at all times. With this guide, you will be a pro at knowing how to keep your bongs clean. As well, you'll know the common glass issues and how to avoid them.

First, let's talk about how to clean your bong:

  1. Empty out the dirty water and rinse the inside of your bong or pipe with warm, clean water. Then, empty out all the water completely.

  2. Add in the cleaning solution. There are a lot of appropriate cleaning solutions on the market. Choose the one that works best for you. Most people choose isopropyl alcohol as being the most effective solution. Alternatively, you can pick up purpose made cleaning solutions at your local head shop.

  3. Seal The openings in your device. Anywhere air can enter your bong or glass should be covered up. Your hands or paper towl work fine. You can also use sealing caps if you want to avoid any potential fumbling.

    seal covering bong opening

  4. Shake Vigorously. This step is important for clearing up the resin stuck on the side of the bong. Let the solution sit for a few minutes then shake again until the resin is off the glass and floating in the solution.

  5. Scrub off the stubborn spots. A pipe brush or magnetic sponge can be useful for getting the hard to reach areas. mitigating the stubborn spots on your glass is a good way to stay ahead of any potential problem areas.

  6. Rinse and replace the solution with fresh water. If you find your not happy with the results, repeat steps 2-6 until you've fleshed out a routine that works best for you.

Your bong is clean and ready to go! Remember, maintaining a proper cleaning schedule will help you get the most out of your bong out of every use. Take pride in your glassware takng the time to give it a thorough clean, at least once a week, is important for making the most of your smoking sessions. At the very least, a clean bong is a sign of an organized life.

Preventing Mold and Water Stains
Minerals in unfiltered spring, or tap, water can lead to water stains. Water stains look like a fine white film caked onto the side of your bong. If you or your family has ever had warn out glass or plastic jugs, you may have seen this before. Over time, these stains can be difficult to remove so it helps to make practice of trying to avoid it where you can. Filtering your water is the best way to remove any heavy minerals from it. You can buy filtered water at the grocery store or you can invest in a water filter so you always have some on hand.

Mold is the worst thing that can happen to your bong. It's hard to remove and a moldy bong is not very appealing to anyone. Regularly changing out your bong or pipe water is the best way to avoid this problem. It's good to make a point to replace the water before every session. Not only is it hygienic, but it's more inviting to company when they see you keep your equipment wel maintained.

clean bongs

Scratches and Breaking
Once a scratching happens, repairing the glass is not only difficult but expensive. While surface scratches do not affect the usability of your glassware, they can lead to further chipping or breakage. Properly maintaining your equipment also means knowing how to store and travel with it. The best way to prevent damaging your glass is simply by being careful. Keeping padding underneath your bong will help protect the base against hard surfaces.. Also, being weary of what surfaces you rest your glassware on is also important. Remember, glass doesn't get along with hard surfaces or even other glass. Storage, is important to consider. Hard cases are the best option to keeping your expensive glassware safe when not in use. As well, storing your bongs or pipes on the floor increase the chance they might get knocked over. We recommend dishing out on protective measures if you are willing to spend a pretty penny on your bong or bubbler.

Careful handling of your glassware keeps it free of any breakage or scratches and is a great way to keep them looking neat. Regular cleaning and maintenance of your glassware is the best way to get the most value from your equipment and the best taste out of your cannabis!