How to Choose Between Indica and Sativa

How to Choose Between Indica and Sativa

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Cannabis plants can grow male or female, with only the female plants producing the buds that we know and love. Each female plant can either be one of three main types - or a cross of the two. Those types are referred to as indica, sativa, ruderalis or hybrid - each one offering a different high. You may have noticed this if you have smoked cannabis a few times. It is good to be informed about the effects an intoxicant can have on your perception. this way, there are no surprises that can "kill your buzz". Some people smoke to help them fall asleep, others to enjoy music and entertainment. Pain management is the primary concern for many smokers. With all these different needs how can you decide exactly which type of cannabis is right for you? We are here to break down the effects of each and hopefully direct you to the high you're searching for.

Cannabis bud types

Indica - The effects of cannabis-indica can be seen plenty in popular culture - sleepy stoners on a couch, bong still smoking, someone lost their snacks, everyone laughs and someone forgets what is so funny. Indica dominant strains are "heavy," you will feel like sitting down and won't want to get back up. You may find yourself thinking and talking slower, you may be super comfortable or you may be too incapacitated to enjoy it. A strong indica strain is likely higher in CBDs (the chemical which helps manage pain) and its effects are more likely to help pain-ridden patients by keeping them immobile. Those suffering from sleep deficiencies may find their salvation within an indica dominant strain but be aware of THC content. Too high and you may find your mind racing and heart beating far past your bedtime. If you're struggling to sleep, dealing with pain or are just looking for the ultimate relaxation after a busy day, indica is for you. Click here to view our list of Indica strains.

Sativa - Smoking a strong sativa-dominant may give you the same effect as a cup of coffee - your heart rate will increase as will your alertness, you may become more talkative and feel energized. You will also be stoned on marijuana and for some new smokers this combination can be too much to handle! Paranoia and confusion may strike and the strength of your heartbeat may become more noticeable, potentially stressing out the smoker. However if you enjoy being under the influence of cannabis and find your current strains are giving you couch-lock, we recommend trying a sativa-dominant. Be careful, super active stoners have been known to clean their whole house and bake cookies on a sunday afternoon! Depending on your region it may be easier or harder to find sativa strains as they prefer hot climates. If you need to finish that drum solo or maybe just want to play your new video game under the influence, a sativa strain is for you. Click here to view our list of sativa strains.

Hybrid - Hybrid strains are the most common because they appeal to the most smokers. It may take a specialized smoker to notice the subtle differences between strains but doesn’t take a specialized smoker to enjoy being high on THC! Hybrid varieties can be dominant in either direction but will not usually give an experienced smoker the full "knock-out" effect of an indica, or the "must clean" cravings of a sativa. Click here to view our list of hybrid strains.

Different types marijuana leaves

A new smoker's high will be very different than a smoker with a built-up tolerance so it's very important to keep your consumption low as cannabis grown in modern times is grown to be as potent as possible. Hybrid strains are the most popular and what you will most likely find. They are good for smokers new and old - unless you don't want to get high, then we have another option for you to consider.

Ruderalis - I must be making this up, right? Nope! Cannabis-ruderalis was found growing in Russia originally, and is a high CBD ultra-low THC species of the plant. It is rare, but with more and more countries legalizing medical marijuana cannabis-ruderalis is finding itself with quite a loyal following among the sick or injured. Perfect for the chronic-pain patients who are not looking for a high but want to control their pain with a non chemically-addictive substance. However among the large majority of smokers this type is considered sub-par to useless; as it offers little to no intoxication and production wise does not compare per plant to her sisters. This stuff will not likely be referred to as "ruderalis" and if it is what you need, we recommend asking for cbd strains to stay away from the intoxicating effects of indicas or sativas.

Ruderalis mountain crop

We hope you you found this helpful and hopefully you are more confident when deciding on which strain to smoke, as always - stay botanical!