The Importance of Cleaning your Bong

The Importance of Cleaning your Bong

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The recreational use of marijuana has been around for as long as we can remember. For generations, smoking weed has been a thing for teenagers and adults. The little green bud has been responsible for things ranging from cultural revolutions to great weed stories around the table. It is strange to think how far it's come, from being the terror in refer madness, to being accepted for its many medicinal and spiritual uses. In fact, it's almost impossible to count how weed has evolved in every possible way. Including all the different uses for its plant matter and all the way its buds can be used. Weed continus to be world's wonder plant. However, somethings don't change. In fact, some aspects about marijuana remain a cultural classic. That is, one of the most commonly avenues of smoking, bongs.

Bong Cleaning

There are many ways someone can smoke weed. We can roll it up in a joint, burn it in a vaporizer, smoke it out of a pipe, or even just cook it into a brownie. However one of our all time favorites remains now and arguable forever, the bong. From watching our favorite stoners dimly giggle after a big toke to passing the bong around in our own group of friends, the bong has continued to be a staple in the weed culture. They range in all shapes, sizes and prices. But one thing never changes, they're always getting dirty. Even after a few small bowls, the water becomes a dingy brown that can easily ruin anyone's night if they end up wearing it on their clothes. As well, given how much they can cost, keeping a clean bong might not be such a bad thing.

Here are the reasons why you should keep your bong clean:

Fresh Smoke

When you take a toke from your bong, you're going to want cleanest hit you can get, right? Given how much we spend on our weed, we want to get the most out of it and really taste the bud. When you don’t clean your bong, you're picking up residues of all your previous session. Not to mention, you're pushing that smoke through the dirty bong water your buddy might have drooled in the night before. It's important to be conscious about the state of your bong for hygiene issues. Cleaner smoke helps reduce the likelihood of respiratory problems from causing any major issues in your day to day life. A clean bong also lets you enjoy the marijuana smoke more. If it's untainted, by resin from previous sessions, you'll really be able to notice the full effect and flavor of your bud.

Smooth Toke

Everybody want a smoother hit. There is nothing worse than taking a rip only to cough your lungs out while experiencing that all too familiar stale water taste. A clean bong is the best way to avoid this whole situation in the first place! First of all changing the water regularly will help decrease the chance of tasting dirty bong water. Secondly, keeping a clean bong means you're helping to ensure your peculators are working at their fullest capacity. Stained or clogged peculators don't do much to provide that smooth hit we all want when taking a fresh bowl.

Better high

No doubt, there's no better high you get when taking a hit from a fresh bong. We all know the exciting feeling of racing home to spark up and baptize the newest member of the smoking family. A clean bong means means totally uninterrupted one-way service from the bowl to your lungs. Without all the sticky resin caked up along side of the base, and inside the neck, you're experiencing the full effect of your weed in all its glory!

Cleaning our bongs is not always the first thing on our list. After a long day we all want to sit in front of the TV and take a nice long toke to unwind without having to do any chores. But when you think about it, if you're not cleaning out your bong at least a few times a month, we're really cheating ourselves out of getting the most out from our weed and our bongs.

Get up and go clean that bong!