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Advanced Nutrients has a product line containing over 51 nutrient supplements for cannabis, with many organic options to choose from.

Advanced Nutrients is a group of scientists which produces products that will make your grow room produce bigger, tastier, and more rich harvests. Advanced Nutrients uses the best source materials and technical processes, which give stronger products that work better, cost less. Advanced Nutrients always creates new products to meet growers' needs. The company innovates improvements that affect the whole industry. Now Advanced Nutrients products are the best-selling ones on the market, and it has also received international confession. The latest awards are for the Most Fun Booth and for the Best Communication at Growmed 2013. Advanced Nutrients is comprehensive approach to hydroponics growing. They contain proprietary blends of quality micro- and macro-nutrients, amino acids, hormones, expensive chelates, plant growth regulators, vitamins, enzymes, yeast, yeast extracts, organics, carbohydrates, microbes, beneficial bacteria, and beneficial fungi. Some products are almost totally organic, while others are synthetic-organic mixes. All company's products are manufactured using the best ingredients, strict quality controls, and automated safeguards, and are backed by the company's unparalleled 100% performance guarantee.
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Advanced Nutrients Product Line and Feeding Schedule