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For those who want to make their own potting soil mix Bio Nova offers an excellent alternative for the time-consuming process of selecting and mixing the ingredients. Obviously, also this product is based on Bio Nova’s well-known philosophy and knowledge. This sophisticated organic mixture, which is available in a 4 kilo package, contains the following ingredients: Bentonite, bone meal, feather meal, vinasse, magnesite, soft lime, seaweed, vitamins, enzymes, amino acids, humic acids, bacteria and fungi, yeasts and 70 to 80 naturally chelated trace elements. The bacteria and fungi in the product are necessary to recover or either wise improve the soil. This optimal soil condition regulates the conversion of organic nutrients into absorbable nutrients and increases the crop’s resistance. Certain fungi live in a symbiosis with the crop and thus contribute to a natural protection against damaging pathogens and toxics.

0,4 x 106 / gram Actinomycetes (streptomyces species) Bacillus species, e.g. B. Optillus en B. Subtillus and composting bacteria Bacillus G+ and G- species

50 / gram 10 types of Mucor sp. and Penicillium sp. et. al. Yeasts and enzymes such as cellulase lead to a swift break-down of organic material and plant waste matter, and the preservation of a good soil condition.

The following recipe could be used as a basis for your potting soil:
400 litres of potting soil or coco peat + 50 litres of worm fertilizer (optional) + 50 litres of perlite + 4 kg. ProfiMix. When you are already using coco peat it is not necessary to use perlite. Make sure that the ingredients are mixed well. Depending on the used soil, the final EC value will be between 1.5 and 2.0. In order to attain the appropriate value, you could add a little more or a little less of ProfiMix. See to it that the pH is approximately 6.5. When it is less than 6.5 the pH can be adjusted with 1 kg. of soft lime per 0.5 pH per 500 litres of soil mixture.

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