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Botanicare has a product line containing over 23 nutrient supplements for cannabis, with many organic options to choose from.

Botanicare is a cultivation expert that delivers top-quality products to the cannabis market and provides support to help growers to have the best yields. Treg Bradley is a founder of the company. His hobby became a career. The history of the company began with the creation of Pure Blend (now Pure Blend Tea) that was developed as a part of an experimental new approach to address needs of local growers. And after great reviews Treg bottled it with the name Pure Blend Original and began to sell it. Inspired by the success of Pure Blend, he developed an additional product line called Pure Blend Pro and decided to concentrate on developing new products. Nowadays Botanicare has over 20 years experience of testing and creating innovative fertilizers. As a leader in the Hydroponic industry, the companyoffers an extensive diapason of hydroponic products.
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Botanicare Product Line and Feeding Schedule