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Flower Shield is a insecticide, fungicide and miticide made with ingredients that qualify for exemption from registration with the EPA under FIFRA 25(b). It will kill mites, their eggs, other soft-bodied insects, and will control powdery mildew. Flower Shield works on contact rather than systemically, resulting in no immunity buildup.

How To: Use Flower Shield at a rate between 0.5-2.0oz/gallon. Give Flower Shield a good shake and add to a spray bottle of water. Flower Shield is very concentrated and should never be applied undiluted to your plants. Once added to water, give spray bottle with solution a good shake and apply. Remember to shake the spray bottle with solution every few minutes to avoid the solution from becoming separated. Flower Shield works on contact and should be applied as a spray; Flower Shield should not be applied to roots.

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N-P-K / Micro-elements Nutrient
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