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Italpollina has a product line containing over 23 nutrient supplements for cannabis, with many organic options to choose from.

Italpollina is a world leader in the production of organic fertilizers and beneficial microorganisms. It was founded in the 70's by Licinio Bonini. During the 80s, he made a new step and extended the products line to make Italpollina an international company. In 2011 Italpollina created the biggest factory in the world for the production of biostimulant based on 100% vegetal amino acids and peptides. Nowadays the products have a demand in the market of Europe, Southern America and Northern Africa. The company uses only innovative approaches and focuses on high technologies, researching and environmental sustainability. The main goal is providing growers with the safe and efficient fertilizers for all requirements.
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Italpollina Product Line and Feeding Schedule