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Calcium is an absolutely wonderful element. Calcium is the buffer that keeps our blood at a pH of 7.4, so nutrients can be electrically inducted into our cells. It is also the element that carries those nutrients into the cells, releases them, and goes back for more. Calcium ions are what make nerve synapses work. DNA can’t be synthesized without Calcium. Calcium can bind to seven oxygen locations on a protein while still holding on to a water molecule and then release them all easily. No other element can do that. Calcium carries the heavy trace minerals like Manganese into the plant from the soil.

  • Biggest growth stimulant in plants
  • Extreme Catalyst Drive for Rock Hard Buds
  • Potassium Catalist Ion Transporter for Over Driving
  • Cell Wall Highway Transport Excelerator

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N-P-K / Micro-elements Nutrient
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