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Lazarus™ is an Organic Nutrient Plant Magnifier. From Roots to Harvest we will out perform best Known brands. Lazarus™ can be Used with any Organic or Synthetic Nutrients Gardening Application to Boost Health for Huge Money Saving Features. We Know you can expect almost 2 weeks Early Harvests, 80-90% Less Nutrient Use, No Additives Needed, Robust Thick White Furry Roots and a Cure to Root Rot, Powdery Mildew, Pests Control, and More.

This includes a comprehensive makeup of Organic plant extracts and other liquid Nutrients. Through natural extraction, we have harvested live sea plants and land based plants are super concentrated into over a 3000 m/L of dense liquid. Lazarus™ is a new Magnetic activated bio-surfactant technology. Surfactant is a fancy word for soap. This super concentrate of plant juices and oils are combined, chelated and mixed with the surfactant precursors. Lazarus™ is unique in that its base elements contain pro-biotics. In addition to the nutrient dense extracts, additionally we inject a unique blend of pro-biotic sources, such as bat guano and worm castings.

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N-P-K / Micro-elements Nutrient
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