Cannabis Nutrient Product from Microbeneficials
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  • More vigorous and rapid growth.
  • Early root development.
  • Better development and quality of grain.
  • Hastened maturity.
  • Increased nitrogen uptake.
  • Increased mineral content.
  • Higher BRIX readings in plant sap.
  • Promotes energy release in cells, cell division, and enlargement, photosynthesis.
  • Contained in the cell DNA.

Phosphorous is the workhorse in the growing cycle. All minerals other than Nitrogen should enter the plant in the phosphate form. In cooperation with Calcium, photosynthesis is increased and the production of sugar is greater. Phosphate has been described as the major catalyst in all living systems. It is essential for metabolism and photosynthesis, and is needed for the synthesis of sugars and the replication of DNA. If you wonder why the organically grown fruit you buy isn’t sweet, it’s because the Phosphorus/ Potassium ratio is out of balance, the Calcium/Magnesium ratio probably is too, and more organic matter is not going to fix the problem. Another thing that happens when Potassium levels get too high is that the Potassium tries to substitute for Calcium, and though it can latch on to and take some nutrients into the cell it can’t get back out again because it’s too big, so we end up with cell interiors loaded with Potassium and a deficiency of Calcium and Phosphorus as Calcion, Potaprime, and Phospure should all be used together as plants access them and these levels are needed more in amounts till day of Harvest.

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