Cannabis Nutrient Product from Vitalink
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  • Developed specifically for the unique properties of coco coir media.
  • A unique single-part formulation making it extremely simple to use with both grow and bloom mixes to best support growth through a plants life.
  • A formulation providing rapid growth and reliable yields
  • Contains a unique binding compound that reduces pH fluctuations.

Simplicity and great results is what you will get with Coir Classic. A single part coco coir formulation developed for both grow and bloom stages. The formulations consider water hardness, therefore soft or hard water versions are also available.

Coir Classic was developed with the grower in mind, the 1-part formula offers a degree of ease and convenience. For those that are growing many plants and want successful results without spending a ton of money, Coir Classic is for you!

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Liquid (ml/l)
N-P-K / Micro-elements Nutrient
Organic Nutrient:
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Day-to-day Solution

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