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Protects plants against drought stressAllows plants to not just survive through drought conditions, but to continue growingPerfect for non-attended grows, both indoors and outdoorsVitaLink Hydrate is an advanced bio stimulant which protects plants against drought stress. Hydrate is ideally designed for plants grown without constant attention or where there is a risk of interrupted water supply. It facilitates the storage of additional water by plants and better water management within the plant.VitaLink Hydrate contains betaines which act as osmoprotectans, these have an important role in aiding your plants natural protection against damage caused by drought. VitaLink Hydrate contains lignopolycarboxylates, these plant extracts act as exceptional soil stabilisers. It also contains gibberellins and auxins which are plant growth hormones. These together with amino acids and humic acids enable your plants to sustain photosynthetic rate and growth rate.VitaLink Hydrate stimulates the growth and development of side shoots and roots, and helps to prevent flower abortion during periods of drought. It also contains sulphur which is a macronutrient necessary for chlorophyll, vitamins and amino acid formation.VitaLink Hydrate has a cumulative effect, when used regularly your plants will build up tolerance to drought conditions, should they occur.Usage instructions:Assess the risk to your plant dependent on the environmental factors and the period without attention.Low risk situations: 2 ml/10 L, use alongside main nutrients.Med risk situations: 4 ml/10L, use alongside main nutrients.High risk situations: 6ml/10 L, use alongside main nutrients.Always add to fresh solution. If used with VitaLink Chill or VitaLink Heat use half of their dose rate AND half the dose rate of VitaLink Hydrate. Failure to follow this instruction may result in plant damage.If required, adjust the pH. Recommended pH range 5.8-6.5. Shake well before use.Available in 250 ml and 1 L bottles.										
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