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Early Bubba Hash Seeds

Early Bubba Hash is an even faster and more resistant version of our Bubba Hash, rich in CBD and especially designed for outdoor growing in cold and wet climates.

100% indica hybrid that combines 3 excellent afghanis of very different origin, of excellent quality and personality. Super intense and complex afghani indica aromas. Rock hard and sugar rolled buds of amazing density and weight. Very to easy to trim.

Every plant produces good yielding and very hardy hashplant expressions of great quality, as well as very beautiful and ornamental for its colours.

ErdPurt contributes to this cross with its very early outdoor flowering time and its thick and strong structure, providing also beautiful pinkish pigmentation in the pistils in approximately 50% of the plants. The other half display a more classic Bubba Kush pheno, with a more purple/brownish maturation. All the expressions produce plants with coffee, hashy and earthy classic afghani aromas.

An excellent, early, refined, extreme outdoor hashplant of great medicinal potential, since it can produce up to 15% of CBD, with a stable 3:1 CBD:THC chemotype.

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Bubba Kush/HashPlant (#64) 90's x afghani ErdPurt.
Flowering Period:
7-9 weeks - High Yield

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