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Gigantuan Seeds

Gigantuan is one of the biggest yielding strains and is bred using a prized heavy yielding Spanish Critical clone crossed with an equally impressive Super Skunk

Popular with commercial growers and additionally well suited to lST and Scrog growing techniques. Typically this hybrid variety takes between 8-9 weeks flower rewarding growers with bumper harvests

Critical comes from a reworking of a classic big budded strain that was originally bred from skunk and Afghan genetics. Gigantuan comes from crossing a rarer sativa dominant Critical with a big producing Super Skunk.

Very frosty buds which smell sweet with hashy tones too towards the end or flowering. Her THC percentage is over 22%. and delivers a powerful stoned effect. Good filtration is advised late in flower to combat her strong odours which can be present around this time.

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Flowering Period:
8-9 weeks - High Yield
Sativa Dominant

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