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Auto Lemon Skunk Seeds

Auto Lemon Skunk is a feminized hybrid and citrus autoflowering version of Skunk. Lemon pheno Skunk#1 and The Original Lowryder were crossed to create it.

The plant is very short. It has one central cola with minimal branching and symmetrical structure. The strain produces very resinous and fragrant buds. The plant is sensitive to over feeding and pests and needs special care. It also needs a smell control due potent aroma. The harvest comes fast, after 10 weeks from seedlings.

The smoke provides strong aroma and taste with citrus notes of lemon. The effect is mostly indica, it brings a potent stone-body high.

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Lemon Skunk Growing Tips and Medical Effects
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Lemon pheno Skunk#1 x The Original Lowryder
Flowering Period:
Harvest: 10 weeks - Very High Yield

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