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Jack Herer Seeds

Jack Herer is a cannabis hybrid that famous all over world. It has a lot of fans in cannabis word. This feminized indica/sativa hybrid contains genetics of Haze, Northern Lights#5 and  Shiva Skunk.

The harvest comes after 8-10 flowering weeks and brings decent yields of heavy buds that have medium density, pungent smell and mass of shiny, sticky resin. The plant demonstrates good results both indoors, outdoors and in greenhouses.

The smoke provides fresh, pungent aroma of Haze with notes of fruity Skunk. The effect comes quick and brings potent cerebral high. It is giggly and uplifting. It also has medical use against pain. 

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Haze x Northern Lights#5/Shiva Skunk
Flowering Period:
55 - 68 days - High Yield
Indica / Sativa

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