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Apollo Haze Seeds

Using a Super Silver Grail Haze male gifted to us by your internet friend “has some sense”, the famous Genius clone was pollinated to create this monster hybrid.

The SSGH male is the result of our friend’s having crossed his keeper Cinderella 99, the female dubbed “The Grail” to a very select Super Silver Haze male. The result of recombining these genes unlocked a real jewel; this male added potency, vigorous growth, and large, strong branches to the progeny.

The aromas range from the spicy, lime/citrus, fuel of Genius (but amplified) while the shorter phenotypes smell of tropical fruit, elderberries, black currents and a mildly influenced haze afternote.

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Genius female x Cinderella 99/Super Silver Haze male
Flowering Period:
10 weeks - — Yield

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