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Auto Blueberry Berry Seeds

This is a cross between Blueberry and a Canadian ruderalis. Plants grown from our Auto Blueberry Berry still carry most of the original characteristics, stout plants with flowers that have medium to large calyxes and they show red, purple and also blue colors, especially when grown during low night temperatures. With this autofeminized version the growers will now be able to produce up to three harvests in one outdoor season or have a great alternative to grow from clones in an indoor environment. The plants are ready to be chopped after 70 days from seed to harvest and can grow up to one meter or more. This genetical mixture is a true masterpiece and the outcome is an extraordinary strain that will continue to inspire growers and consumers, as it already did in it's traditional form.

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Canadian Ruderalis x Blueberry
Flowering Period:
10 weeks - 30 – 100 g/plant Yield

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