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Auto Widow Seeds

Auto Widow is the result of the crossing between the outstanding genetics of Widow and a Ruderalis. It is the first autoflowering variety in CBD Seeds collection. The strain contains 75% White Widow and 25% Ruderalis genetics.

The plant produces heavy and fragrant buds in a short time. The time from germination to harvest takes 10 weeks and the yields reach to 25-45 gr. The strain develops not many branches and big central bud of 25-40 cm. The shiny crystals cover buds, leaves and stems. It is recommended to set 20 hours of light and to use 7-liter pots to get the best results.

The smoke provides strong, well-balanced, physical and mental effect and sweet taste with notes of wood, pine and licorice.

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Widow x Unknown Ruderalis
Flowering Period:
9-10 weeks - Medium Yield

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