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Chocolate Hashberry Seeds

Extremely frosty light-green buds, covered in pale and dark colored pistils. The flavor on the Chocolate Hashberry is rare indeed. It finds a spot on the pallet right behind the tip of the tongue; it is the perfect balance of semi-sweet savory.


YIELD: Heavy, Moderate

GROWING TIPS: This plant grows bushy like an indica, however there is considerable spacing between the internodes. It is recommended to prune the undergrowth to increase denseness in the top buds.

SCENT: Hashy, earthy, musk

FLAVOR: Nutty, cocoa, semi-sweet

EFFECTS: Cerebral, upbeat, even body/head high

SUGGESTED MEDICAL USE: Menstrual cramps, appetite loss

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Chocolate Hashberry Growing Tips and Medical Effects
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Blackberry Kush x Chocolate Kush (Chocolate Kush is Mor
Flowering Period:
7-9 weeks - Heavy-moderate Yield
50% indica / 50% sativa

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