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Fire OG Seeds

FLOWERING TIME: 9-10 weeks

YIELD: Heavy, Moderate

GROWING TIPS: Recommended for intermediate to expert growers. We suggest letting this baby go to full term as bud swell and resin production double at the end of week 10 resulting in a super stony potent bud. Flip when the clone is about 12 - 14” tall and expect 3.5 - 4 foot tall plants.

SCENT: Lemon pledge, hints of sour pine

FLAVOR: Creamy earthiness, smooth, minty lemons

EFFECTS: Sedative, warming, couch lock. Long lasting, this smoke is best saved for an evening of relaxation.

SUGGESTED MEDICAL USE: Insomnia, anxiety, stress, appetite loss, anorexia, joint pain, muscle pain

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Fire OG Growing Tips and Medical Effects
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Raskal’s OG Kush x SFV OG Kush
Flowering Period:
9-10 weeks - Heavy-moderate Yield
50% indica / 50% sativa

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