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Ken’s Granddaddy Purple Seeds

A hardy plant with tight internodes and a marvelous display of deep purple, blue, and red leaves during maturation. The buds stink up a storm in veg and flowering due to its extreme resin output. First place winner of the Medical Cup 2004 & Green Cup 2004, 2005, and 2006.


YIELD: Moderate

GROWING TIPS: Sensitive to spider mites, regular weekly preventive pest treatments are recommended to avoid infestation or outbreaks during flowering.

SCENT: Hashy, fruity, earthy

FLAVOR: Rich, smooth, sweet aftertaste

EFFECTS: Mental relaxation, creativity, energetic then calming. Ken’s GDP produces no hangover or ill effects and is great for chatting, laughing, physical activity, appetite stimulation then sleeping like a baby.

SUGGESTED MEDICAL USE: Pain, insomnia, inflammation, anxiety, multiple sclerosis, appetite loss

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Purple Erkle x Big Bud
Flowering Period:
8-9 weeks - Moderate Yield
Mostly indica

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