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Critical Super Silver Haze Seeds

Critical Super Silver Haze is the result of the combining two amazing strains such as the fast growing Super Silver Haze and the well-known Critical Mass. The new  variation inherited the best properties of both parents. It contains 70% sativa and 30% indica genetics. 

The strain grows up high and develops big buds. It is ideal choice for SCROG. The harvest comes after 10-11 weeks of bloom and brings yields of 450-550 gr/m2.

The buds produces strong, intense smell of citrus fruits and menthol with hints of haze and even varnish. The smoke provides sour, sweet taste with notes of incense. The potent cerebral effect also brings wave of physical energy. It brings mental stimulation at first that then turns to a soft, physical stone high.

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Critical Mass x Super Silver Haze
Flowering Period:
9 - 10 weeks - 450-500 gr/m2 Yield
70% sativa / 30% indica

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