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Dinafem is based in Spain and has a product line containing over 29 different types of marijuana seeds and strains..

Born in the country of Spain in 2002, Dinafem Seeds started out as a combination of skilled breeders and old-timer growers, with a mission to provide 100% powerful, feminized, stable, and productive genetics. However, the eam df experienced breeder have always been on the prowl for the best and most unique genetics since the late ‘80s. And, after years of experimenting, the seedbank was able to create seeds that showcase masterful breeding and are exactly what has driven the competition sky-high in the budding industry. In fact, the seedbank is the first producer of feminized seeds in all of Spain.

There were numerous problems when feminized seeds first hit the scene in 2000, i.e., sexual instabilities, quality problems etc. However, by crossing some of the best-quality cannabis strains in the world, including Californian genetics such as OG Kush, Bubba Kush, Dinachem or Purple Afghan Kush, Dinafem has been able to produce a line boasting over 29 different types of seeds (including feminized) that provide strong effects, good productivity, and 100% stability.

So, what’s the next for these breeders? Dinafem has been working on this field for some time now and a as a retail seller of seeds with their own grow shop, their seeds are presented in all European countries where seeds are sold. Besides the continuation of gaining incredible traction, since 2015, Dinafem has focused on the development of CBD-rich cannabis varieties for their bountiful harvests and therapeutic properties. From regular and auto-flowering, to CBD and feminized seeds, there are three key ingredients that result in a good bud: taste, effects, and dankness; and Dinafem offers varieties that have become extremely popular and even award-winners. It’s clear that Dinafem knows a thing or two about exceptional breeding.

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Dinafem Strains and Seeds List