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Dinafem is based in Spain and has a product line containing over 29 different types of marijuana seeds and strains..

Dinafem Seeds is a company which was created by the user community of cannabis. Before a creation it had a year of technical research, the team carefully prepared and made the first experiments of producing feminised seeds. Dinafem Seeds has years of experience growing. It has chosen the most interesting strains. And today Dinafem  has a wide range of 100% stabilised, standardised and feminised seeds, obtained by crossing some of the best-quality cannabis strains in the world. It works with high-quality Californian genetics such as OG Kush, Bubba Kush, Dinachem or Purple Afghan Kush. Dinafem Seeds became the first producer of feminised seeds in Spain, proving the quality of feminised seeds. It is also international seed bank with recognised quality. Dinafem Seeds is presented in all European countries where seeds are sold. It is a retail seller of seeds with their own grow shop. They have a wide line of feminised, autoflowering and medicinal seeds with strong effects, good productivity and 100% of stablity. In 2015, Dinafem Seeds focused on the development of CBD-rich varieties because of their interesting therapeutic properties.

Dinafem Strains and Seeds List