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Gorilla Autoflowering Seeds

Gorilla Autoflowering is half Indica, half Ruderalis. Rather small in size, she’s the perfect strain to grow in confined spaces or discreetly in any balcony or garden. Despite her fairly bushy structure, her internodes are long enough to allow air and light to flow freely within the canopy, preventing the appearance of any moisture-related issues. Besides, her leaves aren't too wide or too fleshy, so natural light can get in without trouble. Her colouring doesn’t differ much from the one found in the feminised version of Gorilla: lime-green, with an extra layer of frosty crystals on her buds during the closing days of flowering.

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Gorilla x OG Kush Autoflowering
Flowering Period:
75 days - — Yield
50% Indica / 50% Ruderalis

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