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Sorbet Dreams Seeds

Sorbet Dreams is a cross from one of our most requested strains in the last few years, Kush Dreams. It was released back on our Limited Collection a few years ago and was one of the most requested strains that sold out due its dank, Kush profile and exclusivity. We felt it was only right to bring her back in this exclusive cross to produce the infamous Sorbet Dreams. She is a great yielding hybrid with a very unique terpene profile that produces dank Kush smell with creamy sorbet undertones. Great for outdoors and finishes in early October, producing sugar coated flowers that allow this strain to be a delight to grow and smoke. Ideal for concentrate and hash creators for her above great yields.
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Kush Dreams x Sorbet
Flowering Period:
8 weeks - 450-500 g/m2

Indica: 60%/Sativa: 40%

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