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Jack Herer Automatic Seeds

In the 1990s developed Jack Herer his famous strain by crossing a Haze hybrid with Shiva Skunk and Northern Lights#5 in the hope of producing seeds from which plants could be produced with both sativa and indica effects. It soon became recognized as suitable for medical grade cannabis due to its high quality. Several varieties of Jack Herer were developed resulting in slightly different characteristics. In the last years there has been a rising demand for the beloved old school Jack herer with the ease of growing with feminized cannabis seeds. The demand for these characteristics has resulted in what are known as feminized autoflower varieties of Jack Herer. Jack Herer Automatic has been the crossing of Jack Herer genes with Ruderalis ones resulting in seeds that produce a high yielding plant with a fast flowering time making it more suitable for beginning cannabis growers.

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Feminised & Autoflowering
Jack Herer/Ruderalis
Flowering Period:
around 80 days (plus or minus 3 weeks) - — Yield
Sativa Dominant

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