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Northern Light Autoflowering Seeds

Northern Lights Autoflower is one of the best producing autoflower strains available at the moment. The plant grow pretty tall for an autoflower so she can produce more of those lovely buds. Indoor she won’t grow taller than 80-100 cm (2’5-3 feet) and outdoor she will be around 100-130 cm (3-4 feet). In the right climate, often around the Meditirenean Sea, you can harvest around 200 grams per plant. Indoor and under the right circumstances, you can yield up to 90 grams per plant.

The taste, smell and the effect are very comparable to Northern Lights. When smoking Northern Light Autoflowering you will tast a nice, sweet and fruity citrustaste with a light meditative and “uplifting” high.

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Feminised & Autoflowering
Flowering Period:
9-10 weeks - 90-200 grams per plant Yield

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