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Caramel Cough Seeds

Expect connoisseur grade buds, with no shortage of trichomes on all phenos..

Pheno #1(30%)- most common pheno thus far, shares many similarities with the cough mother.. dark green/blue hued leaves, slower at beginning of veg but excels growth when a good root system is established.

Pheno #2 (20%)- Ms. universe dom, one of the fastest phenos in veg, but stretches 4x so make sure your bloom room can accommodate her size.

Pheno #3 (20%)- approx 50/50 split in between #1 & #2. This plant grows very well rounded and has a consistent growth rate throughout veg and bloom.. She still has a stretch of 2.5-3x that will need to be contained.

Pheno #4 (20%)- stockier plant with a little closer node spacing than #2, but only has a 2x stretch..

Pheno #5 (10%)- Dominant Haze expressions, 4x stretch, long foxtail blossoms, 11+ week bloom.

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The Cough(NL#5/Haze) x Ms.Universe #10
Flowering Period:
9-11 weeks - — Yield
Mostly sativa

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