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Black Haze Seeds

A hybrid whose genetics are shared by Sir Jack Auto and a hybrid which is based in the Pakistan Chitral Kush. With this variety we managed to set a uniform offspring in terms of colour and aroma, mainly incensed with a sweet and sour touch, finding that all individuals acquire reddish hues as the flowering progresses. Regarding height, we can find individuals ranging between 80-100 cm, with a medium-high yield, inherited from the Sir Jack Auto. Its scent varies between the most "Cathedral" incense and specimens that retain a certain kush touch, more floral and fresh; while all specimens maintain a similar effect, where the cerebral high dominates, little physical, which makes it a very nice variety which will not leave anyone feeling indifferent.

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{(Skunk #1 x Lowryder) x Sir Jack} x Pakistan Chitral K
Flowering Period:
11 weeks - 350-400 gr/m2 Yield

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