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Monster Mash Seeds

Monster Mash is a mostly Indica hybrid developed by Exotic Seeds by combining a Kush line with their autoflowering version of Black Domina. 
Thus, this Kush x (Black Domina x Skunk auto) F5 hybrid has been bred for 4 generations to keep the best traits and Indica dominance of their parents in automatic form.
It develops a prominent main stem surrounded by shorter branches that can grow up to 85-100cm in height in outdoor crops. Monster Mash is harvested after 8 weeks from seedling, yielding around 450-500gr/m2.
Exotic Seeds recommends to keep low humidity levels to avoid infections by fungi, for the buds of Monster Mash are truly compact and thick.
The scent is floral, musky and spicy, clearly inherited from the Kush and Black Domina parents. The effect is relaxing but not couch-locking.

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Kush probably x {Black Domina x (Skunk x Unknown Rudera
Flowering Period:
8 weeks - 450-500 g/m2 Yield

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