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Tangerine Kush Seeds

This variety belonging to one of our Kush family hybrids, is characterised for producing individuals were we find nearly orange and lemon scents interspersed with the strength of the scent of the mother Kush, which is noted in the final flavour. This is a hybrid with a medium-high yield, with an internodal distance that is accentuated during the flowering phase, we could say that its buds are grouped into lumps that appear around each plant node. Due to its columnar structure it is highly recommended for Sog type crops. The resin produced is of high quality, being really sticky, recommended for Bho type extractions, and its effect is powerful, with a rich flavour halfway between kush and sweet orange, being very enjoyable for smoking and suitable for moments where you do not have to do many things or activities that do not require much effort or concentration.

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MK-Ultra x {Blueberry x NYCD} F5
Flowering Period:
9-10 weeks - 400-450 g/m2 Yield
70% indica / 30% sativa

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