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G Force Seeds

Flying Dutchmen G Force is another stable marijuana hybrid from Flying Dutchman seed bank. Flying Dutchman cannabis breeders combined the highest qualities of the two world known strains, Northern Lights and The Skunk, and got an absolutely new, extremely powerful and tasty seed. This mostly indica marijuana cross became popular almost instantly for her easy growth, monstrous resin production and extremely powerful high. Now this cannabis seed is available in feminised version. Like any indica dominated strains, G Force seeds produce short bushy plants with fat dark green leaves and quite resistant to pest, mould and diseases. The maximum high of 130 cm makes her ideal for indoor growing, she is perfect for closets and windowsills. Easy growing characteristics, short flowering period and good yield make her favourite between regular customers of Flying Dutchman industry. G Force marijuana shows great performance nearly anywhere - pots, soil and/or hydroponics setups. It takes her from 55-65 days of flowering to start producing really dense buds, with the calyxes pressed together and covered with long sticky hair full of THC (16-18%). The females producing the biggest and most resin-dripping buds should be given the full nine weeks to reach their best. Fully matured plants have spicy, pungent and hash smell and lemon hash taste. The plants of this cannabis variety has higher amount of CBD and therefore give a corporal high, a strong body and mind relaxation. If compared with a wine, this indica is a heavy red one. Each plant of G Force can produce up to 125 gr. of dried product which has long shelf life. Highly recommended for both novice and expert marijuana growers
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Flowering Period:
8 - 9 weeks - 500 gr/m2 Yield
80% Indica / 20% Sativa

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