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Skunk Classic Seeds

Flying Dutchmen Skunk Classic is an interesting and highly potent flashback to the original Skunk plants and their forebears, to a time when the Sativa elements of the famous hybrid were more pronounced. It contains the original Columbian x Mexican x Afghani cross from the 1870s. It is a stabilized, true breeding marijuana hybrid, perfect for indoor/greenhouses cannabis growing. As true-breeding seed strains and later hybrids were developed, Afghani genes have become the dominant influence in most Skunk varieties. Skunk Classic cannabis seeds gives growers a taste of old-school Skunk by back-crossing Skunk #1 with a high-pedigree Columbian mother. Flying Dutchmen Skunk Classic is a heavy, pungent plant that produces long, solid, buds burst inSeeds of the Skunk Classic is a version of a good old skunk. The cannabis seeds are quite strong and able to resist a mild stress and some diseases. The Flying Dutchman’s specialists make sure all seeds are thoroughly tested, that’s why 80% germination is always guaranteed. Classic Skunk plants have a typical indica look, they are quite short (about120 cm) and bushy, with a strong Christmas tree branching system. A good leaf to bud ratio provided heavy dense buds with enough space for good air circulation. It makes it more mould resistant and easy to trim. Grown in a greenhouse, Classic Skunk produces great yields of the best quality marijuana up to 500 gr per plant. The buds are large with a sweet pungent skunk smell and taste and with a strong relaxing indica stone. Marijuana smokers describe this Skunk as musky and sweet, heavy and stoned, a real knock-outg with resin. Her effect is high and happy. Flowering period is between 50-60 days.
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Original Skunk
Flowering Period:
7 - 9 weeks - 500 gr/m2 Yield
65% Indica/35% Sativa

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