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Temple Haze Seeds

Flying Dutchmen Temple Haze is a sativa dominated marijuana cross of Original Haze and a Nepalese Hash. Her roots stretch across the whole world, from South America towards South East Asia and through the Himalayas. By crossing the genotypes of these internationally recognised marijuana strains, Flying Dutchman's breeders made Temple Haze favourite almost instantly. This cannabis hybrid is mostly sativa and, typically for sativas, her feminized seeds produce tall thin plant with narrow light green leaves. The leave to bud ratio is so well balanced that both have enough space and light to fully develop. Normally, it takes a bit longer for sativa hybrids to mature and they prefer more lights, however, feminized cannabis seeds of this variety are quite stress resistant, thanks to famous parents. Temple Haze cannabis gives big, spruce-shaped plants with candelabra branches of thick bud and generous main colas. The plants spread a sharp haze aroma mixes with the pungent sweet smell of charas almost from the first day of her flowering which lasts just 85 days. This is not bad for a sativa at all. Temple Haze is considered as one of the most potential yielders, her average harvest is not less than 150 gr. of quality cannabis per m2. when grown indoors. The dried product has a long shelf life with the highest qualities preserved. As a typical sativa dominant hybrid, this marijuana strain has higher THC content than CBD what makes her high absolutely psychedelic, dreamy and happy, contemplative with a smooth, long-lasting body. Flowering takes 65-85 days.
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Original Haze
Flowering Period:
9 - 11 weeks - 500 gr/m2 Yield
70% Sativa / 30% Indica

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