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Voyager Seeds

Flying Dutchmen Voyager is an absolutely unique marijuana strain presented by Flying Dutchman seed industry. In this mostly sativa cannabis, the Flying Dutchman seed breeders mixed the genotypes of the strains which didn't seem to be possible to combine: the sativas New Guinea Gold from the highlands of Papua and a striking South American descended from Columbian Red are stabilised by a sturdy Afghani from a northern part of the Hindu Kush, so far north that the breeders prefer to call her a Tajik indica. By combining all the highest qualities of such famous marijuana ancestors, a Voyager sativa has come up as a very strong seed, highly tolerant to stress and climate changes. Like any other sativa dominated cannabis strains, this feminized cannabis seed produces a tall (up to 170 cm) thin plant with short branches with narrow leaves of a light green shade. Her high resistance enables Voyager show excellent results both indoors and outdoors. Just make sure she gets enough light when growing indoors, as all sativas need a bit more light than indicas. When grown outdoors, the yield can be as high as 130 gr. of dried product per plant. The yield of indoor varieties will remain high, between 120-150 gr. per m2. Typically, a Voyager sativa has a longer flowering period than her indica counter partner. She needs 70 days before amazing trichome-crusted buds with delicious spicy-sharp-sweet flavours appear. There are more buds sites than on an indica, but the buds are somehow less dense. Resin glands highlight every surface and can quickly gum-up scissors. Medicine produced from this sativa marijuana plants have lower CBD and higher THC counts which produces a more clear headed, energetic type of high. THC content is said to be between 18 and 22%. Voyager is one of those strains that delight the senses and set minds adrift.
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Hindu Kush
Flowering Period:
8 - 10 weeks - 500 gr/m2 + Yield
Sativa / Indica

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